Lake Mary Cheesecake

Product Innovation:

Lake Mary Cheesecake Company has an ongoing in-house development team creating new and unique products.

 Our capabilities...


•Lake Mary Cheesecake was one of the first companies to          offer low carbohydrate cheesecake.


•We were the first to offer cheesecakes made without gluten.


•Our products and facilities have Kosher foods certification.


•While specializing in very high quality New York style cheesecake, we also produce other baked desserts for our commercial customers.


•We have developed our own non-nutritive sweetener. It is not a substitution product, but rather a true replacement which enables food developers to engineer their products to meet a wide range of desired criteria.  It is a new way of looking at the creation of sugar-free products.


•The proprietary sweetener is formulated specifically for an end use to provide the proper overall taste, look, and texture for the final product, and let the product meet "form, fit and function" criteria without using sugar or other carbohydrates. It can be used in food preparation over a wide temperature range.


Why would a cheesecake company create its own sweetener?


LAKE MARY CHEESECAKE COMPANY realized that simply substituting an artificial sweetener for sugar would result in a product that would not meet the taste and texture standards required.


Sugar also provided physical properties, such as the ability to freeze and defrost the product, which would be lost with artificial sweeteners.


Another example of the scientific development effort required to create some of our products is exemplified by LAKE MARY CHEESECAKE COMPANY’s low carbohydrate cheesecake.

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