Lake Mary Cheesecake


We realized early on that manufacturing gluten-free product was not a fad or trend.


We educated our clients about the importance of accommodating customers on specialty diets.


Over a decade ago, one of our associates was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. We did extensive research on how we could make products that were safe for him to enjoy.


We succeeded, and for a decade we have been making the best cheesecakes without gluten available anywhere for our customers and restaurant clients.


Lake Mary Cheesecake Company is committed to developing our delicious Gluten-Free New York Style Cheesecake to be the best you have ever tasted.


When compared to our nationally recognized favorite products, the taste and texture is the same except there’s NO gluten. And, you can have our gluten-free cheesecake in a variety of flavors!


Like our regular cheesecakes, our gluten-free New York style handcrafted cheesecakes are made from all natural high quality ingredients, are crafted by hand, and are baked by the traditional Bain Marie method.


We invite you to try our gluten-free cheesecakes and enjoy what you have been missing.




See the Orlando Sentinel article about how we began with our gluten-free cheesecakes by clicking here.




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